visual identity



Tax and legal services for individuals, self-employed individuals and small businesses. Personal, comprehensive and to the point! Tom needed a strong visual identity that has many clever application possibilities. He works a lot with young and creative people and he understands them well so it was important to communicate it in the branding. Street style of the logo invites for friendly conversation. Yet the sharpness and the boldness of the lettering leaves no space for doubt about his capabilities. The business card is playing with the colours of the tax authorities. These soft colours that are associated with taxes are softly blended together to create an eye catching gradient background…



Zeybramag is an ambitious project to connect all humans around the world through stories and shared experience. The client’s request was to create a colourful and spiritual logo with a soul.
The zebra with the wings guards us from above like an ancient godess, protecting our stories and offering a safe haven.
A hand written font is inspired by creatures
dancing around the fire.