Utrecht University – Science park, Utrecht.
Ideablaster is a complex interactive machine placed in a meeting space of Centre for Unusual Collaborations, part of the alliance between Technical University Eindhoven, Wageningen University and Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht.
The machine consist of several parts that bring out playfullness and spark creativity. The installation includes thinking concepts like random words method, acronym creation, deus ex machina and an analog timer in the form of Galileo escape mechanism. All together this boosts the process of generating new and unusual ideas from the academic collaborations.



This interactive installation tells the story of a new innovative sustainable material. The world’s fist circular composite. As you turn the machine you can experience the movement towards a better world fighting the plastic pollution one bottle at the time…
You can see the time running out in the plastic bottles filled with flakes of raw material. With every use (turn) of Sustonable you flip the sand clock and gain some time. The powdered plastic and quartz are heated up to create a flexible paste. By cooling down the new composite is born. You can see this process on the right bottom gears. Sustonable can be moulded or cut in any shape or color. It’s all up to your imagination! Sustonable is 100% recyclable closing its circle of life and leaving no trace.